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Want to be like so? Train! by Koretskiy V. B.

Warrior, answer Motherland with victory! by Shmarinov D. A.

Water, sun and fresh air are your best health care! by Kalenskiy V.

We complied with the norm ... Have you? by Savostuk O. M.

We demand peace! by Koretskiy V. B.

We drink water from the native Dnepr, we will drink from the Prut, the Neman and the Bug! Clean Soviet land from Nazi scum! by Ivanov V. S.

We invite the nations for the peaceful conversation, but we will be able to resist any provocation by Briskin V. N., Ivanov K. K.

We know how things are done. Giving a hand to our mom! by Vigilyanskaya N., Kachelaev F.

We love to work hard and that's why we have something to be pride of! by Marize-Krasnokutskaya M.

We need no war! by Ivanov V. S.

We need peace by Gromiko M.

We respect our elder! by Marize-Krasnokutskaya M.

We shall defend Moscow! by Zhukov N. N., Klimashin B. S.

We state it loud: drunkards be elsewhere by Yang I. A., Chernomordik A.

We will help you "land" if you forgot where borders are. by Maloletkov E. S.

We'll take your shift! by Serov V. A.

Wear it with pride! (School Uniform) by Shubina G. K.

Welcome to the Congress of Soviet Writers! by Baskin L.

Welcome! by Vatolina N. N.

Welcome, or No Trespassing by Soloviev M. M.

When there comes a working tide, they plow both day and night! by Govorkov V. I.

White Sun of the Desert by Lukyanov M. V.

Who gets the national income? by Govorkov V. I.

Whole Moscow is building the Metro by Klutsis G. G.

Will not give up the attainments of October! by Avvakumov M. N., Scheglov V.

Wine, vodka, liqueurs and other products you can buy at the stores of Potrebcooperation by Unknown Artist

Woman! Learn to read and write! by Kruglikova E. S.

Woman, work on the steam locomotive! by Deinenko O.

Women at the kolkhozes are great power by Svarog V. S.

Women at the kolkhozes are great power by Pinus N. S.

Women, join cooperation by Nivinskiy I. I.

Work, build, and do not whine! We have a new life path specified. You do not have to be an athlete, but obliged to take part in a sport. by Deineka A. A.

Worker, fight for a clean dining room and a healthy food! by Bri-Bein M. F.

Workers in light industry and commerce! Your best results are satisfied customers! by Burova O. K., Ivanov V. S.

Workers of factories and farms, join the ranks of the CPSU by Kulagina V. N.

Workers, high prices and NEP not going to scare us because we have this inexpensive bread! by Rodchenko A. M., Mayakovskiy V. V.

Working men and women of all countries and oppressed colonies hold the banner of Lenin proudly by Koretskiy V. B.

Working women, join under the banner of the VKP. Long live to the International Working Womens` Day by Unknown Artist

World Congress of Women, convened WIDF by Suryaninov V. V.

World Peace! by Ivanov K. K.