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Day labourers and Komsomol members, on tractor! by Svarog V. S.

Death to the German fascist invaders! by Avvakumov M. N.

Death to the German invaders! by Dolgorukov N. A., Efimov B. E.

Death to World of Imperialism by Moor D. S.

Deploy large-scale buffet construction! by Gitsevich V. A.

Develop the pig-keeping! by Mosin A.

Development of the transport is one of the most important tasks by Klutsis G. G.

Direct your man's power to woman's help! by Rudkovich A. G.

Do not beat a child! It will cause delay in its development by Laptev A.

Do not chatter on the telephone! by Golub P. S.

Do not fool around! by Govorkov V. I.

Do not give up Petrograd! by Moor D. S.

Do Not Gossip! by Vatolina N. N., Denisov N. V.

Do not let history to repeat! by Tsvik E. S.

Do not lie ever! by Shubina G. K.

Do not scold or beat your children. Get a book for them instead by Pomanskiy N.

Do not wait for someone to do your work. Learn how to work, love to work. by Nizovaya S.

Dobrolyot by Rodchenko A. M.

Don't chatter! Keep the military and state secret strictly! by Chudov U. N.

Don't lose working minutes! by Rudkovich A. G.

Don't you dare by Nizovaya S.

Down with kitchen slavery! Let there be new household life! by Shegal G. M.

Down with the kolkhozes! We are for the kolkhozes by Efimov B. E.

Drawing, music and singing classes will raise cultural education of a student with out a doubt! by Govorkov V. I.

Drive chairwarmers from their cushy jobs! by Maslyakov O. D., Tsvik E. S.

Dry season shall we overcome too! by Govorkov V. I.