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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do they cost?

All of our posters are free. Simply download what you like and print those on your own.

Too lazy to print them yourself? Follow this link:

Why are they free?

Well, the best things in life are free. Plus, we are lazy and want people to be happy. If you really like us please buy one of the printed posters or donate. Thank you for your support, we deeply appreciate it!!!

What is the quality of your posters?

Quality varies from image to image. All of our posters meet quality criteria for the poster size of 18" x 24" as far as DPI(Dots Per Inch) and pixel resolution. Some of the originals that were used to recreate the art are not in the best shape anymore since some of them had to take challenges of time, war and socialism. Some of the images are a bit blurry and require minor Photoshop work or some digital filtering. If you are guru in one of those fields and modified one of the posters to look much better, please share it with the rest of us by sending the image here.

Thank you very much!


This work is in the public domain in Russia according to paragraph 1 of article 6 of Law No. 231-FZ of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2006; the Implementation Act for Book IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


1. The author of this work died before January 1, 1943 and did not work during the Great Patriotic War or did not participate in it.

2. This work was originally published anonymously or under the pseudonym before January 1, 1943 and the name of the author did not become known during 50 years after publication.

3. Copyright body corporate has expired since the last 70 years from the publication of the work, and if the work was not published, - from the date of its creation. In particular, this applies to non-amateur cinema or television film or television broadcast (or shots of them, including separate frames), which was first shown more than 70 years ago (before January 1, 1940).

4. The copyright to this product discontinued, as was part of the escheat of property (Art. 1151 of Civil Code). The product must also be in the public domain in the United States.

Images belong to SovietArt.Me, you may use them in any way you please. If software licensing terms would work here, we would apply beerware license. Please donate so we can buy some beer! Cheers! :)

Privacy and Security

The privacy of your personal information is very important to us. We will never release it to any third party under any circumstances.