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Each absence is a joy for the enemy. A hero of labor is a blow for the bourgeoisie! by Mayakovskiy V. V.

Each kolkhoz and each plant should share a pilot for our aviation! by Karachentsev P. Y.

Each strike of a hammer is a strike against the enemy by Deni V. N.

Each strike of a hammer is a strike against the enemy! by Deni V. N., Dolgorukov N. A.

Earn a compliment! by Govorkov V. I.

Edith Piaf. Life and Work by Levshunov L. Y.

Eighth of March is the women workers' day of rebellion against the kitchen slavery by Deikin B.

Electric energy to Kolkhozes, Sovkhozes, MTS (Machine and Tractor Stations)! by Koretskiy V. B.

Emancipated women, help build socialism! by Strahov-Braslavskiy A. I.

Engage in rowing and sailing! by Savostuk O. M., Uspenskiy B.A.

Eradicate spies and saboteurs by Igumnov S. D.

Eradicate this evil! by Tereshcenko N. I.

European Women Basketball Championship by Zelenskiy B. A.

Every cook must learn how to manage the state by Makarichev I. P., Raev S. B.

Every farmer, kolhoznik or individual is now able to live like a human being by Zotov K.

Every Komsomol girl has to master the battle equipment ot the Soviet defense by Bri-Bein M. F.

Everyone has to participate in elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR by Livanova V. M.

Everyone has to take part in elections! by Ivanov V. S., Burova O. K.

Everyone, master skis! by Nemuhin A.

Everything for the children of both sexes since day of birth by Bulanov M. A.

Everything to defend Petrograd! by Apsit A. P.

Excellent work has been done! by Koretskiy V. B.

Exhibition of works by 36 artists by Vrubel M. A.

Exhibition of works of the press by Taburin V. A.

Exploits await the braves! by Ivanov V. S.

Expose enemy under any mask by Torich L.