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Canned Sturgeon "Socra" by Igumnov S. D.

Care to listen to wise words of an eldest. Money should be stored in Sberkassa by Bedarev G., Popov N.

Chapaev by Belskiy A. P.

Children Meeting by Komarov A. I.

China is on the path of liberation from imperialism by Deineka A. A.

Chocolate sets. Red October Factory (Confectionery) by Pobedinskiy A. N.

Chocolate. The trade House of D.Kromskiy. Harkov by Unknown Artist

Choose a worker to represent your Indigenous People not a sorcerer or a kulak by Horoshevskiy G.

Cigarette shells by A. Viktorson. Moscow by Unknown Artist

Cigarette shells of Isadzhanov. Moscow. Do not tear along the seam by Unknown Artist

Cigarettes "Bar". Association A.N. Bogdanov & Co by Unknown Artist

Cigarettes "Cannons" by Zelenskiy B. A.

Circus. Clown Yenghibarov by Manuilov M. V.

Circus. Irina Bougrimova, Lion Tamer by Bulanov M. A.

Closer to life, to living deed! by Ivanov K. K., Briskin V. M.

Closing ranks, your comrades side by side by Kokorekin A. A.

Cocoa by Einem Association. Moscow by Unknown Artist

Collective Farming. 1929 by Vaganov A. G.

Come to the exhibition! Participate in the All-Union review of production meetings by Pimenov G. I.

Communard's pipe by Belskiy A. P.

Comrade, come join our kolkhoz! by Korableva V. S.

Comrades, preserve works of art by Kupreyanov N. N.