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Parade of Athletes is a powerful demonstration of strength and invincibility of the Soviet people by Kibardin G.

Partisans, beat the enemy without mercy! by Koretskiy V. B.

Pelmeni by Bograd I. D.

People need care. Work for us! by Vertogradov E. A.

People's dreams came true! by Lavrov A. I.

Phrases and ...bases by Govorkov V. I.

Pioneer! Learn to fight for the working class cause by Lebedev V. V., Krasilnikov N. A.

Policeman! Be vigilant! by Soloviev M. M.

Precisely on schedule! by Koretskiy V. B.

Preserve the monuments of art and culture! by Tsvik E. S.

Processed cheese for any taste by Filipova L.

Produce above the plan, comrade lumberman! by Kokorekin A. A.

Products of Mosselprom by Tarhov D. M.

Proletarian people, participate in Soviet elections! by Unknown Artist

Proud of my son! by Govorkov V. I.

Purchase the OSVOD's lottery tickets! by Borov N., Zamskiy G.

Put the aggression in Vietnam to an end! by Koretskiy V. B.