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German animal looks like so now! by Deni V. N.

Get down to work! The plan is clear, go build for our Motherland, dear by Ivanov V. S.

Get ready for the all-Union agricultural exhibition... by Livanova V. M.

Give me a hand! by Serebryaniy I. A.

Glory to heroic mothers! by Vatolina N. N.

Glory to our beloved country! by Bri-Bein M. F.

Glory to Stalin's falcons-conquerors of the air space! by Deni V. N., Dolgorukov N. A.

Glory to the first cosmonaut Y. A. Gagarin! by Viktorov V. P.

Glory to the heroes of World War II! Glory to the Stalin's Falcons! by Vandishev P., Torich L.

Glory to the Red Army! by Golovanov L. F.

Glory to the Soviet people - the creator of the strongest aviation by Soloviev M. M.

Glory to the Soviet Railwaymen! by Tsarev V. G.

Glory to the victorious Motherland! by Kokorekin A. A.

Glory to the winners! by Golub P. S.

Glory to victorious warrior! by Klimashin V. S.

Glory to you, invincible Moscow, beauty and pride of the Russian people by Livanova V. M.

Golden Age (Ballet) by Savostuk O. M.

Gonna be a metal worker! by Vatolina N. N.

Good news! Cigarettes "Sappho" are sold everywhere now. by Zelenskiy B. A.

Grandfather, smoke Narzan by Unknown Artist

Great Stalin is the bright torch of communism! by Ivanov V. S.

Greetings to mother Russia! by Vatolina N. N.