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A criminal, he who slaughters cubs! by Davidov S.

A deputat (Member of Parliament) is a servant of the people by Golovanov L. F.

A ghost wanders around Europe, a ghost of communism by Shcerbakov V.

A leash must be strong! by Rudkovich A. G.

A Red Present to a White Master by Moor D. S.

A soldier of the Red Army! Do not give your beloved on the shame and ignominy by Hitler's soldiers. by Antonov F. V.

A talent's way (in the countries of capitalism). A talent's opportunity (in the country of socialism)! by Koretskiy V. B.

A. S. Pushkin. 1937 by Buev I., Iordanskiy B. V.

Aim to build fast, cheap, and good! by Ivanov V. S.

Alexander Nevskiy by Belskiy A. P.

Alive Till Monday by Homov N. M.

All for the front! All for the victory! by Lisitskiy L. M.

All world records should be ours by Govorkov V. I.

All-Russia Festival of Physical Culture by Pshenichnikov V.

All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition by Lebedev I., Fidman V. I.

All-Union Student Sports Day by Nemuhin A.

An exhibition of Vladimir Mayakovsky's works by Gan A. M.

An Extraordinary Concert by Andreevich V. V.

An Illiterate child is a shame for a mother by Gromitskiy I. I.

An illiterate man is a blind man by Radakov A. A.

And every propeller is breathing the tranquility of our boarders! by Karachentsev P. Y.

And yet, they say we're pigs... by Mosin A.

Andrey Rublev by Lukyanov M. V.

Announcement of the crowning of Alexander III by Unknown Artist

Art exhibition. 20 years of the Red Army by Savitskiy G.

Artistic and literary magazine "Niva". 1912 by Samokish N. S.

Artistic open letters of the Red Cross are for sale everywhere by Bakst L. S.

As the back of your hand you will know animal world after attending our Zoo by Bulanov D. A.

Association of the beer-honey factory Ivan Durdin by Unknown Artist

Assosiation of Nobel's brothers. Oil. Ointments. Gasoline by Unknown Artist

At the tomb of counter-revolution by Deni V. N.

Athletes! Fight for new achievements in the sport! by Golovanov L. F.

Athletic Tryouts of the Moscow Trade Unions by Unknown Artist

Autodor (Automobile Roads) Lottery by Titov B. B., Pernikov E. I.