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1956 Posters

Engage in rowing and sailing! by Savostuk O. M., Uspenskiy B.A.

Fight against hooliganism! by Chudov U. N.

Happy new year filled with peace and friendship! by Livanova V. M.

He grasped only one science is how to properly take a bribe. We must not give him "in a hand", but grab him by "the hand". by Rezanov B. G.

I'll do it on my own! by Nizovaya S.

Night is not an obstacle for the work! by Dobrov A. N., Reshetnikov B. A.

The Rumyantsev's case by Homov N. M.

This is not my profession! by Nizovaya S.

VI World Festival of Youth and Students by Solonin V.

We respect our elder! by Marize-Krasnokutskaya M.

Wear it with pride! (School Uniform) by Shubina G. K.

Welcome! by Vatolina N. N.

Young engineer, spend more time at the workshop! by Govorkov V. I.