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1954 Posters

Babble, gossip - playing into the hands of the enemy by Briskin V. M., Ivanov K. K.

Babbler is a godsend for the enemy! by Koretskiy V. B.

Babbling is helping the enemy! by Koretskiy V. B.

Closer to life, to living deed! by Ivanov K. K., Briskin V. M.

Earn a compliment! by Govorkov V. I.

Field works can not wait! by Govorkov V. I.

Glory to the Soviet people - the creator of the strongest aviation by Soloviev M. M.

In a letter home make sure not to share military secrets! by Ivanov K. K.

Let's gather the rich harvest from the virgin land! by Savostuk O. M., Uspenskiy B.A.

Let's go with us! To new lands by Seleznev V. P.

No matter what they are might try — there is no other finish for a spy! by Maloletkov E. S.

No! by Govorkov V. I.

Raise the skill of the Soviet soccer! by Kokorekin A. A.

Respect someone else's work. If you made a mess, clean up after yourself. by Nizovaya S.

Soviet soldier! Be vigilant! by Ivanov K. K.

To fly above all, beyond all, faster than all by Pyatkin D.

We complied with the norm ... Have you? by Savostuk O. M.

We invite the nations for the peaceful conversation, but we will be able to resist any provocation by Briskin V. N., Ivanov K. K.

We will help you "land" if you forgot where borders are. by Maloletkov E. S.

Wine, vodka, liqueurs and other products you can buy at the stores of Potrebcooperation by Unknown Artist