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1930 Posters

An Illiterate child is a shame for a mother by Gromitskiy I. I.

Black ravens prepare a predatory raid on the USSR. Proletarian be on the alert by Moor D. S.

Comrade, come join our kolkhoz! by Korableva V. S.

Fight against the enemy of the cultural revolution! by Unknown Artist

Fruit beverage by Mosselprom by Zelenskiy B. A.

I read the Crocodile magazine by Unknown Artist

Intourist. Transsiberian express by Litvak M.

Let's fulfill plan of the great work! by Klutsis G. G.

Let's hit the target on the State grain procurements fully and on term by Lobanov A.

Let's smash it! by Deni V. N.

Mechanize Donbass by Deineka A. A.

New Magazine "Moscow Speaking" by Unknown Artist

On guard of USSR by Kulagina V. N.

Osoaviahimovtsy, in joint maneuvers with the Red Army be ready to defend the USSR by Dlugach M. O.

Our ultimatum to the grown-ups! by Unknown Artist

Pioneer! Learn to fight for the working class cause by Lebedev V. V., Krasilnikov N. A.

Remember that your family is hungry while you are drinking by Unknown Artist

Skilled workers, don't mock the young ones by Yang I. A., Chernomordik A.

Stalin's Pipe by Deni V. N.

Stalin's spirit makes our army and country strong and powerful! by Deni V. N., Dolgorukov N. A.

Stop male promiscuity addressed to women! by Rotov K. P.

Taffy candy by Mosselprom by Zelenskiy B. A.

The third lottery of the OZET (Society for Settling Toiling Jews on the Land) by Dlugach M. O.

The White Guard, or rather gang, their aim we know: among the working class discord to sow by Rotov K. P.

Tobacco smoking is expensive and harmful thing for your health and our economy by Unknown Artist

Tractors and day nurseries are driving force of the new country side by Unknown Artist