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1929 Posters

Autodor (Automobile Roads) Lottery by Titov B. B., Pernikov E. I.

Come to the exhibition! Participate in the All-Union review of production meetings by Pimenov G. I.

Communard's pipe by Belskiy A. P.

Development of the transport is one of the most important tasks by Klutsis G. G.

Do not beat a child! It will cause delay in its development by Laptev A.

Everything for the children of both sexes since day of birth by Bulanov M. A.

Father, don't drink by Bulanov D. A.

Good news! Cigarettes "Sappho" are sold everywhere now. by Zelenskiy B. A.

Let's drive out topers from the midst of workers! by Yang I. A., Chernomordik A.

New Magazine Daesh by Deineka A. A.

Rezinotrust. USSR. Moscow by Kravchenko D.

Shame on those getting wages at the back door! by Babichenko D. N.

Stocko, the best shoe shine paste by Zelenskiy A. N.

Stop night life! by Unknown Artist

Stop. Last Warning. by Sokolov-Skalya P. P.

The State Circus. The Dourov's railway by Golshtein E.

The subscription to the magazine "Construction of Moscow" is available now by Elkin V. N.

The Turksib, Turkestan-Siberian Railway by Semenov-Menes S. A.

We state it loud: drunkards be elsewhere by Yang I. A., Chernomordik A.