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1927 Posters

All-Russia Festival of Physical Culture by Pshenichnikov V.

Have you joined OSOAVIAHIM? by Unknown Artist

October by Stenberg V. A., Stenberg G. A., Ruklevskiy J. T.

On condition of total cooperation we will be able to have true socialism by Juon K.

Red Army is a School for every citizen by Lavinskiy A. M.

Since February 21 The Leningradodezhda"("Leningrad garments") lowered prices on all products by Bulanov D. A.

Smoke "The Pack" cigarettes. Nowhere except Mosselprom by Bulanov M. A.

Study, Activists! by Klutsis G. G., Senkin S. Y.

The role of vanguard fighter can be fulfilled only by a party led by an advanced theory by Senkin S. Y.

There can not be revolutionary movement without revolutionary theory by Klutsis G. G.

Tobacco products by Mosselprom by Bulanov M. A.