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1925 Posters

Best cigarettes in Far East region. State Tobacco Factory Vladivostok by Unknown Artist

Every cook must learn how to manage the state by Makarichev I. P., Raev S. B.

I am not yours anymore, I am with Senia now. He was nice enough to take me out to listen to the Lenin's speeches. by Hvostenko V. V.

If you stop reading books, you might become illiterate by Unknown Artist

Lengiz: books for all branches of knowledge by Rodchenko A. M.

Lenin and Electrification by Shas-Kobelev

Mothers, do not abandon children! by Soborova A. S.

Red Army soldier, to every peasant's hut provide books published by the "Gosizdat"(State Publisher) by Rodchenko A. M.

Sectarian is Kulak's marionette by Cheremnih M. M.

Teacher Bubus: comedy (Theater) by Shlepyanov I.

The subscription to the "Faculty Working at home" is available now by Lavinskiy A. M.

The Trehgornoye Beer will drive out hypocrites and samogon by Mayakovskiy V. V., Rodchenko A. M.