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1920 Posters

A criminal, he who slaughters cubs! by Davidov S.

A ghost wanders around Europe, a ghost of communism by Shcerbakov V.

A Red Present to a White Master by Moor D. S.

An illiterate man is a blind man by Radakov A. A.

At the tomb of counter-revolution by Deni V. N.

Be on guard! by Moor D. S.

Beat the Whites with the Red wedge by Lisitskiy L. M.

Beware of the Mensheviks and Social Revolutionary Party Members. They are followed by the Tsar's generals, priests and landowners by Unknown Artist

Each absence is a joy for the enemy. A hero of labor is a blow for the bourgeoisie! by Mayakovskiy V. V.

Each strike of a hammer is a strike against the enemy by Deni V. N.

Have you enrolled as a volunteer? by Moor D. S.

In order to have more - we have to produce more. In order to produce more - you need to know more by Zelenskiy B. A.

Keep your rifle close by If you have to work by Lebedev V. V.

Knowledge will break the chains of slavery by Radakov A. A.

That is what October Revolution has given to the worker and peasant women by Unknown Artist

The Capital by Deni V. N.

The first of May. Long live to the holiday of workers of all countries! by Ivanov S. I.

The second anniversary of the Red Army by Fidman V. I.

Ukrainian and Russian have the same call - do not let a Pan to be master over a worker by Mayakovskiy V. V.